Granville StreetGranville Street


With the invention of photography in the 1800's, the idea of freezing a moment in time has continued to stir our imaginations. From daguerreotypes to Brownie Cameras, Polaroids and now digital SLR's, the evolution of the ability to capture colour, light and images has been extraordinary.

Many years ago, when I began developing my own black and white photographs in a darkroom, there was always a touch of magic when the picture first began to emerge from the solution. The same anticipation exists now, although instead of chemicals and mixing trays we can now view our photos instantly on HD TV's and high resolution computer monitors.

To date, the response to the Douglas Hood Photography e-commerce website has been very gratifying:

The Art Works Gallery writes - "With an interest in the play of light and movement, many of his works expose the illuminated pathways of the urban dream. Reflections, patterns, the mundane of the cityscape are given first billing, revealing subtle nuances and shadow plays. What one finds in a Hood work is an interest in fine detail, where it may be sometimes difficult at first to understand what is represented. His rich, abstracted colour fields are a joy to behold."

Gregory Booth, Freelance Photographer relates - "I absolutely love a lot of those photos, especially some of the more abstract, mysterious ones."

Melanie Mortenson Photography - "Your photos are beautiful!! Very abstract....nice work!"

Matthew Hood, Photographer/Cinematographer for the National Geographic film "Lions of the Lakeshore" and the  Animal Planet 6 part series "Roaring with Pride" - "I'm very impressed with the amount of strong images you've compiled ... really nice use of natural light & beautiful bokeh. There are some really beautiful shots!"

Suzanne Diamond, Field Botanist - "Wow, your pictures are a feast for the eyes and soul! I love them all - especially the water/flower ones and the spectacular blue glass one - they satisfy a thirst with their rich lusciousness!"


Award Winning Photograph

Moon GlowMoon Glow

On March 14, 2014, this photograph of the moon & clouds was selected from hundreds of entries as the winner of the Global BC TV photo contest, with the prize being a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It was also used as the Cover Photo on the Global BC Facebook page, generating a new record with over 1,000 "Likes" in the first two hours. 

This image was captured in August 2013, at Poets Cove, Pender Island, British Columbia.

Vancouver Harbour Reflection

Vancouver Harbour Reflections 2Vancouver Harbour Reflections 2

This photograph of the Vancouver Harbour and North Shore Mountains reflected in the glass of the Trade & Convention Center, was showcased on Global TV on March 5, 2014.

Art Works Gallery representation

Glass RefractionsGlass Refractions

I am pleased to relate that I am now represented by Art Works, one of the preeminent galleries for modern art and photography in western Canada. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Art Works was established in 1986 and represents contemporary Canadian and International artists working in a variety of mediums and styles. Art Works provides framed art and photographs for international hotels, resorts, corporations and residences, and works closely with the Interior Design Industry. Art Works partners with professional photography labs in Vancouver, and will create customized framing of my high resolution photographs as well as metal, canvas & plexiglass prints - and will ship worldwide. For personalized assistance and consultation, contact Art Works directly for your quote request and Art Works will provide pricing to you within three business days. They are located at: 225 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 4X7, Toll Free: 1-800-663-0341, Tel: 604-688-3301, Fax: 604-683-4552, website:, email:

Bowling & Billiards

Bowling and BilliardsBowling and Billiards

This photograph was featured on Global TV on their 6 pm newscast on January 29, 2014. I took it on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, using a 30 second exposure to capture the ambiance of the night scene and the light trails from the buses and cars.

Boston Ivy

Ivy on BlueIvy on Blue


C. Lacey writes - "I just received a great 20x30 inch canvas wrap of the picture of the Ivy growing on the wall. Love it!  Also appreciate how carefully it was prepared & packaged for shipping."


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